4 definitions by I. "Who Sane" Myars

a. From an acronym for Chicago, i.e., "Shit-Headed Yahoo Town."

b. A term of derision for a lunatic city that deserves every whit for giving America an unrivaled gaggle of thieves, murderers, perverts, gangsters, hoodlums, thugs, corrupt politicians and assorted societal misfits that boggles the mind.

c. A town teeming with Shit-Headed Yahoos who continually vote for the dregs of themselves to run the government.

d. A term hated by actual SHY Chicagoans who try to redeem their reputation by insisting "SHY" really means "chi" (actually a Chinese word and Greek letter) and insist it is used only by non-Chicagoans (which is generally true).
Why da' Shy Town hood pimpz voted fo' da' B-Ho? Ya'll is mad stupid.
by I. "Who Sane" Myars September 6, 2010
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Injecting that time-honored, sauce-for-the-goose principle into 2008 democrat politics, talk show host Rush Limbaugh goaded Texas and Ohio Republicans to cross over and cast their primary ballots for Hillary. In the hope of narrowing the lead amassed by Barack Obama and perpetuating a bitter democrat fracas, thousands of loyal Republicans held their collective nose and rallied to do the unthinkable -- vote for a <expletive deleted> Clinton.

And was it ever successful!

Just as Limbaugh, red-faced and pounding the desk with laughter, was reveling at the tumult he had single-handedly incited, several networks began broadcasting scathing, hate-filled, and anti-American sermon excerpts of Obama's mentor, the Farakahnesque black-racist bigot Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Then all hell broke loose.

Obama, with the wheels of "hope" coming off his wagon of "change," was forced into damage-control mode to stop his plummeting poll numbers. Threatened with a return to square one as the pre-post-racial candidate, he bobbed, he weaved, he feinted ... but he resolutely refused to repudiate his beloved pastor. And (off camera) Hillary cheered.

Now they're in a real pickle. The democrat electorate, like schmucks duped by the barnum effect, chose an unvetted nominee with a snowball's chance in Kenya of winning the general election. But if the party's Superdelegates override the voters in the hope of a November win, many blacks will surely revolt and assure a democrat defeat.
A classic pincer movement, Limbaugh's Operation Chaos ensnared Democrats in a battle pitting the politics of genitalia against the politics of skin pigmentation.

Thanks to Operation Chaos, whoever wins, Democrats lose.
by I. "Who Sane" Myars March 18, 2008
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Barak Hussein Obama, after the style of FDR, JFK, LBJ, RFK, JFnK and HRC.
I'm high as a kite for BHO.
by I. "Who Sane" Myars March 15, 2008
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Barak Hussein Obama, after the style of FDR, JFK, LBJ, RFK, JFnK and HRC.
Super-delegates line up for B-Ho while his wife and long-time pastor dis and denigrate America.
by I. "Who Sane" Myars March 15, 2008
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