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The most stereotyped style or musical culture for many "underground" teens to young adults. Scene is misunderstood by everyone who isn't, wants to be, hates, and is in fact scene. It's not real because when you live in an actual city where bands play odds are there is more than one scene, or type of music. Scene is not supposed to be screamo, emo, hardcore, posthardcore, or any of those other labels given to a band based on how they dress. It is supposed to be people who support the "local" scene, meaning all the local genres, not just hxc, militia, or god knows what else. I could go on and on and on and on
...but everyone else already did and I just added another pointless entry because only "scene" kids read this right?
If you wear a tight band t-shirt, tight jeans, and someone doesn't know who you are and sees you at a show they'll point at you with their friends and say, "look at that scene or scenemo kid."

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by I'm not cooler than you April 20, 2006

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