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The day 11 days before Christmas which means you need to jump onto a table and start shouting
hey bro it’s the 16th of december today. we need to scare our teacher by doing that
by I’m kinky rn December 14, 2020

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When the Dom ties up the sub to a bed post with handcuffs, a rope or leather

HAS NOTHING TO FO WITH VIOLENCE (unless you want it to)
I tied up my chick to the bedpost with some leather and teased her until she bedded me to fuck her. Bondage is the best you should try it
by I’m kinky rn November 15, 2020

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Kinky is where somthing like: bondage, masterbation, weird/unusual sex and for someone who is sexually turned on
Carly- ahhhh daddy I’m getting kinky
Josh- aww baby want me to gag you
Carly- oooh let me be your cumslut

Josh- ahhhhhh
Carly- (gagging) ahhhhh
Josh- oh you like that how bout a licking

*josh starts liking her clit*

Carly- ahhh baby don’t stop ahhhh. Oh daddy
*the next day*

Josh- me and Carly had some real kinky sex last night

Conner- really what did you do
Josh- she was wearing her red bra and I tied her up to the bed post with her red furry handcuffs
by I’m kinky rn October 10, 2020

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When a man sticks his dick into a woman’s pussy or when gays or lesbians have pleasure sex
Mias point of view:

One day the hottest boy in school invited me over to his house for “fun” I was really excited and when I got there, he was already but naked, I was immediately turned on. He closed the door and started to take my clothes of piece by piece. He told me to follow him to his bedroom. I did. He tied me to the bedpost and pushed his lips against mine, exploring my mouth with his tongue. He took his tongue and started going downwards, he started sucking on my tits then followed down to my vagina. He licked around for a while then found my g- spot. As he licked it, I moaned and screamed in pleasure. I started to cum into his mouth.

Then he took his 11 inch cock and placed it in my pussy, I gained several orgams. He then placed his dick in my mouth forcing me to suck and gag. He started to cum and I swallowed all of it. I moaned once again. He then carried on and fucked me even harder rubbing my clit as he had his penis entering and exiting my pussy. He took a piece of leather and stuffed it in my mouth and carried on fucking me even harder. Once he untied me it just got better. He pinned me against the wall and bent down further and further to finger my vagina. He then threw me on the bed and we were in 69. I was giving him a blowjob as he sucked my pussy. We got so exhausted so we fell asleep in that position. When we woke up, I had lost the ability to walk and he took that to his advantage and fucked me more. Sex it the best pleasure ever
by I’m kinky rn October 10, 2020

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A part of the woman’s vagina that gives her pleasure when licked, rubbed or pressed. The men use this to advantage but the clit can rarely be found. When/if the clit is found, the woman can be given a lot of orgasms and it gives her sexual pleasure.
Evie- last night my girl found my clit and I found hers. We both got so horny. You should join us next time, we’ll make it a threesome
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by I’m kinky rn October 10, 2020

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someone who is over the age of 18, dating someone who is under the age of 18 by force or not
my girlfriend is such a pedophile
by I’m kinky rn December 06, 2020

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Someone who has never had sex before
___ - i heard jess is a virgin
by I’m kinky rn December 14, 2020

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