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Wes is also known a Wesley. He is a totally amazing, epic, and rad friend. He is very cool to be around. Wes is an out going guy, he likes to make everyone smile. He does not judge anyone he first meets. Wes is loved by many people and is very well known to a great majority of people. He is the lunch time DJ. He knows how to always say the right thing to make your day better. He is caring, smart, and fun. Nothing is as great than having Wes as a friend.
Person 1: Hey you know that kid that Dj's during lunch?
Person 2: You mean Wes? Yeah I know him he's pretty cool.
by I like when you guess April 13, 2013

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A man that even the almighty Zeus shall praise! He is cunning. Wickedly charming in other words a complete and total Ladies Man! No one can resist the smart and looks of this man, neh, this magnificent beast of a man! Dylon has left many girls daydreaming.
Girl 1: Dylon looked at me and I swear his eyes had reached into my soul.
Girl 2: Yep that's just what he does.
by I like when you guess April 13, 2013

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