2 definitions by I do not agree bro

That one guy who blasts his bad rap songs on speaker but looks like such a neek while doing actual work. He can be very violent when you steal his stuff, and is actual crap when it comes to bed performance but acts like he is great at it.
Check out that annoying guy who thinks he’s the best at everything.

IKR??!! His name might as well be Moahnishan.
by I do not agree bro November 22, 2022
That one guy who always shanks anyone up and banshee screams at random intervals. On the positive but not really positive side, he’s great at giving people random super tight hugs. Overall, very unpredictable and uncontrollably loud.
Bro who’s dat guy ovah deh who beats people up and then hugs them lol while shouting random crap?

Oh that’s obviously Tej Pandey
by I do not agree bro November 23, 2022