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An app in which gamers who have no life, go and chat/voice chat there so they can meet other gamers who have no life. Can even end up being in a relationship
1. I use discord all the time to chat with other people
2. I just got my first girlfriend off of discord
by I Want to die22 November 22, 2018

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A place in which you go to 6-7 hours a day learning the same useless crap you’ve been learning ever since you was little. You go there early hours of the morning, to basically prison and listen to teachers for an hour or more. Then when you fail your exams, you have to re-sit them and listen to the teachers shout at you
1. You see that place over there with kids wearing uniforms, that’s school

2. I’ve just failed my exams so now I have to re-do them
by I Want to die22 November 23, 2018

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