2 definitions by Hurdle homie M

The krillin of the crew. Always dying. Quiet but funny asf. Cute like a turtle.
Caleb: have you seen daynell?
Griffin: he's probably throwing up
Johnna: you throwing a party?
Everybody: what tf you talking about johnna
Johnna: ohhhh I thought you said
by Hurdle homie M March 13, 2017
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Maesean. Caleb. Willie. Basically the whole track team.

The amount of base headed-ness depends on the amount of dumb things a person does in one day. Levels ranging from being a base head to being a based god. Base god being the highest level of being based. Rodrick sykes and johnna (last name) are current holders of the based god title.
Mark and Caleb: lets go to the beach or something

Johnna: what banquet?
Mark: oh gosh you a base head
Caleb: other hand sykes
by Hurdle homie M March 13, 2017
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