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The kind of person that seems to think that the entire world has a problem with him/her, and he/she is probably right! Has a constant aggressive attitude, and a tough guy image, which is completley unjustified, as there only ever tough in numbers, or at least they think they are. They always hang around in numbers as well. Seem to have a fasciantion with playground swings, and sittin on them, or steel bars, for sittin on. Fashion revolves around Kappa, le coq sportif, nike, reebok classics, ear piercings. They all seem to have a stupid swagger as well, and there arms end up swinging like a baboons!! Often assoocaited with garage music and hardcore!!!!!
pikey - "what the f**k you lookin at" (said to someone minding their own business)
Person - "um, excuse me?"
Pikey - "awwww, f**king lary or wot!!!"
Person - " ok"
"i'll f**ckin knock your head in!"
by Hugi March 15, 2004
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