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n. A wealthy and extremely corrupt powerful politician or public figure who is not shy about farting on national television or holding press conferences right next to a dildo store.
Did you see Rudy Giuliani at the Michigan hearing? Count Flatula was leaking liquid last week, but now it’s all gas.
by Hubba Shyamal December 9, 2020
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n. Shameless public display of unrestrained bouts of loud, explosive flatulence -- just as Rudy Giuliani, the ex-mayor of New York City and Donald Trump's campaign attorney, did during the broadcast of an election hearing at Michigan.
"During his public speech, he kept lying so much that his poor gassy stomach couldn't help but go Full Rudy on him."
by Hubba Shyamal December 8, 2020
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n. An effective Covid-19 contact tracing method, that became popular after Trump Campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, who sat right next to an incessantly flatulent Rudy Giuliani during a 2020 election hearing at Michigan, contracted the coronavirus a few days after Giuliani tested positive for the same. The broadcast of the hearing shows how Rudy kept farting time and again throughout the entire hearing process and Ellis, who sat right next to him, mask-less, kept on smelling those obnoxious farts the entire time. Several sources now claim that the experts have ascertained this lethal exposure to the deadly gas leakage as the very source of Ellis’s covid infection.
It seems that it was Rudy who gave Jenna covid, not the White House party, because as you know, whoever smelled it, dealt it.
by Hubba Shyamal December 9, 2020
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