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Hail Hydra is a phrase that embodies the death of opponents, especially when it is well known that their resistance is futile. "If they cut off one head, two more shall take its place". This is the essence of the beautiful phrase, Hail Hydra. It is also frequently used when hugging someone to whisper in their ears to creep them out. It works really well.
Hail Hydra, children.
Hail Hydra.
There is also a salute. Fists to opposite shoulders, then fists in the air straight up with an angle of 60 degrees to the horizontal out in front of you.
He stood up in the middle of Language Arts class and screamed, "HAIL HYDRA", making the salute.
by Hood Rat May 29, 2014
Also known as the "Hills", North hills is home to some of the hardest, badest muthafuckas you will ever encounter. the Hills are filled with gangstas, wangstas, thugs and, drugs. Not just anyone can be part of the NHC. If you weren't born in the Hills you dont belong. Roslyn, Ardsley and G-side can fall tha fuck bac cuz they aint got shit on us. NHC fo life bitches!
North Hills> its not a place, its a way of life muthafuckas...
by Hood Rat March 4, 2005
to fuck or to fuck with.
He jooksed that ho.
by Hood Rat September 26, 2003