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Verb. To shove a White Castle slider directly up your ass, in the hope it will feel better on the way out.
Roommate: “Dude, that White Castle from last night totally hurt coming out this morning. Why aren’t you hung over?”

Me: “I totally browncastled my sliders. Sucked at the time, but I feel like a champ this morning.”
by Hoo Lee Gan September 22, 2019

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The act of giving someone a hand job through a trash bag.
I refuse to date my garbage collector, but I’ve been gladhanding him for years.
by Hoo Lee Gan December 13, 2019

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The rented minivan you stock full of food and beer (and possibly Cannadabis) for camping at a 3 day music event, and somehow fail to unload the whole time, making it a makeshift kitchen pantry.
by Hoo Lee Gan September 04, 2016

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Um, weed from Canada?
"Yo, what do they call weed from Canada?"

by Hoo Lee Gan September 02, 2016

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When a football announcer will simply not shut the fuck up about just how great and game changing one player (or coach, spectator, etc.) is.

Also applies to any other person who simply will not shut the fuck up about how great someone (usually someone they do not know and have never met) is.
Going into the National Championship game the other night, I just knew Brent Musburger was going to word hump someone. I just didn't know it was going to be Miss Alabama.

At least he didn't refer to her as an Alabama Hotpocket...
by Hoo Lee Gan January 09, 2013

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The ability for robots to learn how to give really great blowjobs.
Once they master the code stack for Artifellatial Intelligence, sex robots are totally taking over the world.
by Hoo Lee Gan December 26, 2020

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Innovation in sex and / or porn acts (new positions, money shots, techniques, etc.).
Overheard at the 2016 AVN Awards: this year's "Innandoutovation in Blowjobs" award goes to...

...your mom!
by Hoo Lee Gan October 14, 2016

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