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The classic "boy next door" whom everyone loves, and gets along with. He has it all. He is handsome, talented, intelligent, popular and kind. He's the type of guy that you trust completely and can tell anything to. Everyone crushes on him, and everyone wants to be his friend.
Although he may seem like he has everything going for him, he is usually very unhappy and self-conscious, but does a good job of hiding it. Since he is a pretty good liar, he may be an actor or a politician.
He may or may not have a rough/difficult home life.
He has sought love and found it in all the wrong places. He could potentially fall in love with, and spend the rest of his life with, his best friend.

Ultimately, he has a good heart, the right intentions, and the spunk to make something of himself someday.
The young man on the billboard was handsome, vibrant, and carefree. This was far from the truth. He was Doug: young, scared, and fighting for answers.
by HollyGirl! February 21, 2009
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