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a person or persons of Amerind American ancestry and are of the First Nations. All American Indians were giving full citizenship by the United States of America in the year nineteen-hundred-twenty four the same year Mongolia became a fully recognized sovereign nation by the International members nations of the League of Nations. Authentic Native Americans must be enrolled on or in a federally recognized sovereign First Nation reservation. A card with blood quantum and tribal affiliation are required to be in the possession to receive government assistance and funds to be used for the betterment and the assimilation in total of the American Indian into a citizen of the United States of America
Hey Steve !@
Are you a American Indian ?
Well, yes Frederick I am indeed an American Indian...of blood quantum 24/36 degree American Indian blood type O-
Geez< Do both parents have to be American Indian for you to be considered American Indian?
Yes. Quite so.....
by High Crane December 15, 2011
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