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This is the little shit of emojis. It looks at you happily, but inside it’s cursing you to die. It’s the devil. It’s like pretending that coffee flavored potato chips is a good idea. It can also portray a passive aggressive mood. Usually means you’re a bitch. Either that or it means you’re dead inside. It’s also a form of “hi” or happiness. Can be easily followed up by a knife emoji 🔪
Person 1: “Hey man, remember that computer you lent me because mine was stolen? Well uh it broke.”

Person 2: K, that’s fine I guess, accidents happen 🙂
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To be silly, wack, or act like a doofus. Bingus can be used as a friendly insult or a harsh lash towards others.
bruh that boi is such a bingus
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To be a bingus. Will correct things or go on tangents. People who are Quintons may forget they live in a society
Bro did you see they way they were acting?

Yeah, they’re such a Quinton bro
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This is the second little shit of emojis. It looks at you happily but also can be used to cover a lie not so subtly. It being upside down makes any situation 10 times worse. It’s the the second death. It’s like pretending pickled applesauce is something tasty. It can also portray an aggressive mood in a slightly passive way. Usually means you’re a dummy thicc little peice of crap. Either that or it means you’re dead inside, but only partly. It’s also a silly form of “hi” or happiness. Can be easily paired with 🙂. Followed up by 🔫
Person 1: “I wrecked the car

Person 2: “OMG are you alright?”

Person 1: “I’m fine, the car isn’t too bad either 🙃”
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That one blonde bitch that has more money than you. He is smart and awesome but you still think he’s a bitch but also love him. He’s caring and loving when you get to know him. Is intelligent but acts like he isn’t. Somehow has nearly perfect DNA but still is a doofus, and a bozo. He is cute, funny, and a great time.
Did you see him? Who? That guy... he’s a total Wilson! Damn you’re right mate. He’s fucking awesome. Yeah bro... for sure
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