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It’s music that is literally over 1,000 bpm. It got the name “Extratone” because sometimes the beats go so fast it sounds like one single note. Some Extratone artists are Diabarha, Aeswa, Hylna. It’s parent genre is Speedcore, which is at around 300-600 bpm. But some extratone songs are at 10,000 bpm, making speedcore almost nothing (not making fun of any speedcore fans). Sometimes, Extratone may just reach the bpm of 50,000, if you could still call it “Extratone”. Many people call it “Supertone”. One example of Supertone is The Side Of The Dark by Diabarha. Extratone scares me sometimes.
Jack heard of Extratone yesterday, and he gave it a listen. Jack listened to Uranoid, and he was found with his hears blown off his head.
by Here Comes That Boy Shit Wazup December 24, 2020

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Something that little bratty kids want and either steal or beg their mom for their credit card 24/7
Kid: yo, mom, remember the bugs i found in the garden? Yeah, proud of me? I really want some robux.
Mom: what’s robux?
Kid: it’s something that everyone has, i want 50 million robux! By the way, 800 robux is 10 dollars!
Mom: wait, 800 is 10 dollars and you wnat 50 million?! No way! I would have to be bill gates! I did the math, 50 million robux is 40,000,000,000$!
Kid: I’m jeff bezos
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by Here Comes That Boy Shit Wazup October 01, 2019

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