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When your stuck in alot of shit, or are about to get your ass busted. It could mean escaping, whence you've allready been caught. It's about living, if your not on a cavale, then your stuck in prison or grounded. Real men make cavales. Real men live for a cavale.
Stefan: Yo Henry, I thought you got busted by them cops.

Henry: Nah, I made a cavale, and got outta there.

Stefan: Ah, Rah Digga.
by Henry FAX! May 18, 2006

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Brooklyn. The farther you go into the Heart of Darkness, the farther you go into Brooklyn. Brooklyn used to be more of a Heart of Darkness, but its got so gentrified that it's sucky, and not dark anymore. But you can still go deep into the confusion of Brooklyn, into the Heart of Darkness.
Henry: What's up? Where you headed?

Far into the Heart of Darkness.
by Henry FAX! May 23, 2006

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A facist president in the 80's who fucked over the whole country. His arrogance towards the minorities and the youth, spawned youth movements all over the country. He was known for Reaganomics, which is a drip down effect, which was that the rich people get richer, the poor get poorer, and the country fails financialy. The punk movement in America was at its prime durring the Reagan years, he stood as the ultimate enemy for any angry youth in the culture. After Reagan resigned, the hardcore movement in America pretty much dies. Which is why all that shit like emo came out, because there was nothing to get mad at anymore, so they just cried about stupid shit, like girls. George Bush is now putting the country in an even worse state than Reagan did. Hopefully something good will come out of this. Another punk movement. The rise of a new age of hardcore in America.
Reagan sucked, but because of him a culture was created that fought the system, and gave the youth the insentive to speak up for themselves.
by Henry FAX! May 23, 2006

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