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Last name of Anton SZandor LeVey. Founder of the Church of Satan. He actually acknowledged that God nor Satan exist, but used Satan as a metaphor to serve as an antithesis to Christianity and organized religions that are based on blind acceptance.
Also alleged that he banged Marilyn Monroe and was a bad ass musician. Kept a pet Panther (black) and Sported the Shaved Head and Goatee look DECADES before it was cool. People who shop at Holister, Guess and A&F are too stupid to understand or value his work. Conversely, the modern state of "Satanism" is pathetic. A bunch of fat, out of shape, ugly come stain teenagers who couldn't articulate what the COS (Church of Satan) is about and shop at HOT TOPIC, thinking they are dark, sinister lords too cool for A&F.
LeVey-The Magnus; High Priest of the COS.

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