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Serious stomach sickness, turns your belly into a unstable nuclear power plant, ready to explode.
Warning: Better not combine the diarrheal illness with excessive alcohol consumption, or else the shit literally goes the wrong way. In other words, you will nearly puke your guts out.
Including the gastric acid, the womit will contain bladder juices and turds from your shit canals. The waste discharged from this persons defecation usually end up near the toilet, and not where it should. Keep your distance to contaminated objects.
(On a random bathroom the day after new years eve): "Damn, it smells like somebody had acute cholera in here! The room is filled with a odour like gallbladder in a heavy mixture with puke and feces!"
by Hektor Bender January 08, 2009

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A house where a/your cock lives.
Farms often have hens and cocks, their homes are called cockhouses.
The central part of your pants are called the same. Cluck cluck
by Hektor Bender May 24, 2004

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Spanish people who invaded the American part, (today called the United States) in the A.D. 1565.
Ugha Ugh! Run to the hills!!1!1 The spaniards are comming!
by Hektor Bender May 24, 2004

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Some strange word for piss, used in science.
1. Bums drink this all night and day long.
2. "Tasty urine! One cup, 5 cent!"
by Hektor Bender May 24, 2004

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