6 definitions by Heimir Han

The amount of greenhouse gas emissions a person causes while getting a tan.
"Wow, James just broke the scale on carbon tanprint by travelling from Iceland to Australia to get a tan"
by Heimir Han July 20, 2017
To bail or back out of previous plans, due to giving in to threats or pressure.
Yo dude, why you pull a Sony on us last night. We waited for you dude.
by Heimir Han December 20, 2014
The merging of having everything.

Honey, we are running late. Are you shure we haverything?
by Heimir Han January 23, 2009
A person who spends way too much time in the gym.
You seen Nathan?
Nope but I can guess where he´s at.The gym.
He´s become a total Gymp.
by Heimir Han January 11, 2009
We just met up and had an internetion with him. Last chance before we pull the plug on him.
by Heimir Han June 11, 2016
The act of staring into ones computer screen for hours or even days on end. In a tunnel vision.
Oh no. Guys check it out. Dave´s got that F5 yard stare going again. Doing that facebook F5 loop.
by Heimir Han January 24, 2009