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See double anal double vaginal When a woman has 2 penises inserted in her anus and 2 in her vagina. Most liekly very painful and hard to do. Men who do this to a woman may conisder homosexuality as an option due to the fact that there testicles and man juices get close or in contact with other men's testicles and man juices.
Last night Nate's Mom had DADV
by Hdo0d0gdk6i9n!s September 12, 2004

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An awesome Slayer song
Necrophobic is one of my favorite songs on the Reign in Blood CD
by Hdo0d0gdk6i9n!s November 11, 2004

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The I Hate Cassi Hansen club, the president of the Club is a sweet Metal Head named cooper and vice president is named Matt. Cassi is a stupid lying bitch, whore, tramp, skank, ho, etc.... Uncle Sam hates her and so should you.
I joined IHCHC because its the American thing to do.
by Hdo0d0gdk6i9n!s September 11, 2004

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Short for "would of"
If I didn't get laid I woulda died.
by Hdo0d0gdk6i9n!s November 15, 2004

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