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This term is born out of a practice known as "Gerbil Stuffing" where after proper dilation of the anus (typically through vigorous homosexual activity) one man inserts a cardboard tube into another man's rectum. Once the tube is in place a gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) is tucked into the tube and plunged deeper with broom handle or an erect penis. The man carrying the gerbil is then a Gerbil Smuggler.
He used to be straight but now he's a total gerbil smuggler.
by Haywood Jablowme April 15, 2005

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To perform sexual intercourse with a dead horse.

This was practice was common among cowboys and indians alike but is thought to have originated on the Stepps of Northern Asia by the Mongolians who's affection for horses is legendary.
I banged that dead horse like a cheap screen door and she would have loved it if she were not dead as a doornail.
by Haywood Jablowme July 16, 2004

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A tampon or feminine napkin pad.
I thought I was gonna get laid - but the bitch was stuffed with a Cranky Hanky.
by Haywood Jablowme November 01, 2004

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1.female who is addicted to the visualization, physical contact, and/or oral ingestion of male seminal fluids (note: never applies to males because dude that's fucking gross)
see also: slut
Steven's mom is a cumjunkie.
by Haywood Jablowme April 18, 2004

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gay frat activities or frats all together
The two brothers are involved in some serious fagitronics
by Haywood Jablowme August 05, 2004

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boobs the size of cars. Usually having the power to pound a steak into cement.
Those triple z's could knock out Mike Tyson.
by Haywood Jablowme April 07, 2004

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An offspring of the Mudhut. Often crazy, ill behaved and mexican.
Fucking Mudling bit my ankle.
by Haywood Jablowme June 04, 2004

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