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Ok so The Episcopal Academy is a very preppy school but there are plenty of students that are not preppy and are "real". it is very main line but so is every other Inter AC School around. Haverford, Anges Irwin, and Baldwin try to call EA a partying preppy school full of nice cars and Main Line Moms, sorry to break it to them but they are too. but oh wait EA is better than them in so much other stuff such as sports. 2005's EA/Haverford/Agnes Irwin Day was great because i mean its not like Haverford or Irwins even had a chance. EA beat Haverford in every sport except for water polo and if anyone saw the football game haverford to a really hard beating that they deserved. And EA also crushed Irwins while they were wearing their bEAt tshirts and decorated their cars thinking that they can just join a tradition with out a porblem. well sorry to break it but no one will ever accept the fact that they join.
"is that an Irwins girl with that haverford kid"
"yeah neither of them can do any better than that"
"but The Episcopal Academy students can!"
by Haverford sucks dick March 24, 2006
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