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Sailor moon is about Senshi ( warriors ) in the beginning there where only 5 but soon grew to like 12 i believe ( with the Stars season they refused to bring to america ) It is about a Princess reborn with her protectors to fight evil. Sailor moon wasn't a childrens show exactly in the japanese version. It has serious issues in it. It was cancled most likely because they couldn't hide men turning into women and the obvious relationship of Haruka and Michiru ( english amar and machelle). The japanese episodes. Have crossdressers lesbians men turning into women ( or women turning into men technically ). They had nudity and deaths in it. Cartoonnet work wont allow such things which is why they wont have Ranma 1/2 on there. The ratings probably went down when people started to watch more of the subed ( japanese versions translated by subtilts ) and lost intereted in the dubed ( what Cartoonnet work shows) There is a long list of WHY cartoon net work cancled it and added on ( that stupid sailor moon says crap isnt in the original ) It is the same with any other anime on Cartoonnet work they are cut and edited.
Sailor moon is about fighting for good and such
by Haruka Tenou June 09, 2006

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