7 definitions by Harry W.

When Reginald walked into the pool hall, he felt like he needed a hiptionary.
by Harry W. January 11, 2009
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unbelievable, but not to a point where it would be called ridonkulous; absurd, but not being absurd enough to be preposterous.
Jake: Yea, my girlfriend is goes to another church, it's just across the bridge.
John: Yea right. Jake, you've never had a girlfriend in your life.
James: The whole idea seems a bit ridinkulous.
by Harry W. January 11, 2009
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I was about to like Scott's Facebook status, but then I googled it and found it on NewLikes.com. He's nothing but a status thief.
by Harry W. June 21, 2011
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Very homosexual jeans. Men's skinny jeans; assless jeans. Jeans that gay men would wear.
I thought that going on that cruise would be cool, but when I got there, I saw so many guys in queans that I just gave my ticket away.
by Harry W. February 01, 2009
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Something that is weird, but also gay at the same time.
The "Rocky Horror Pictures Show"'s Dr. Frank N. Furter was pretty queerd.
by Harry W. January 27, 2009
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Steve: Can you help me? I can't find the definition of this word.
Brian: That's sounds like a very dot nose situation to me.
Stev: What?
Brian: Oh, I'm just saying that it's extremely obvious what you should do if you can't find the definition of a word.
by Harry W. December 08, 2008
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Straight-up B-Word. Really unfriendly woman. Derived from the mom from the movie, "The Water Horse".
Jamie: So, is Kayla's aunt going to let us go over there for Spring Break?

Rachel: I don't know, but we probably won't. She's such a Water Horse Mom!
by Harry W. February 05, 2009
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