14 definitions by Harry Day

any person who is aware of poverty and yet romanticizes living in poverty on purpose. . . doing the minimal doings to collect government entitlements and welfare and underestimate his/her danger living with like people
erin - did you hear john lives downtown now?

pete - no way! why didnt he stay in construction?

erin - he's a self martyr.

pete - he's one of them tax-me minimalist. he's joined thier cause that sucks the tit of the nanny state.
by Harry Day March 17, 2010
synonyms - socialarrogants, libturds, libtardicans

a noun describing americans who still support obama and the liberal congress and all the unpopular BS they are ramming down the throat of americans.

derived from a combination of communist and americant (taken from a mexicant)
Lenny - Why are so many people down on Obama, he can't fix what Bush did over 8 yrs. in just his first year!

Sam - You g-damn Commericant!!! Don't you know the libtards have been in control of Congress since 2006 and Obama has riased the debt ceiling twice already?!?!?!?
by Harry Day December 22, 2009
as in, F Obama!
Ernie - Obama has refused international assistance in the Gulf oil blow-out.

Bert - Man, FObama!
by Harry Day June 12, 2010
word used to describe a hippie protestor who can be loud and proud even though unsure of why and certainly uncabable of physical anything.
Rosepetal - Down with the establishment! Down with tradition!

Cop 1 - Look at the floristas. . . raise your baton.

Rosepetal - Ah! RUN!!!

Cop 2 - Ha! Good one.
by Harry Day March 13, 2010
as opposed to the Midas touch where everything touched turns to gold... the anti midas touches everything that turns to shit.

coined by B.A. Seale after living with the human farm animal known as Boomer, who could break, soil, or ruin anything and everything he touched.
Mark - Hey Brian, I heard Boomer ate all the taco meat, went out and got drunk, and then wrecked your truck over a telephone connector box and into the porch of some guys house?!

Brian - It's all true, he definetely has the anti-midas touch.
by Harry Day December 24, 2009
eddy - hey man, what you do'n in new york?

carl - i'm protesting the damn mosque at ground zero, FIslam!!!
by Harry Day June 15, 2010
n., positive

when there are too many bad students and there is only one principled person, the Principle.

a high number of brats, thugs, haters are more numerous and negative, but the principle is positive. he leads by example and is good and helpful.

to be above the crowd, yet it is not important what other people think about you.
Easy Slick - you man, i'm cut'n class again today, i dont need this stuff!

Principle - you should be in school and going to class and learning something instead of just get'n your kicks. . . . and whats with the easy slick, you're white!
by Harry Day January 14, 2010