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can mean either "Yes" or "Why" depending on context
R34LM: Wait, your Hans Henrik, aren't you?
takeoded: y

R34LM: You are just the person I wanted to talk to in the first place!
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by Hans Henrik September 21, 2019

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Fuck My Net
(or fuck my network/internet/connection etc)
used when your net is slow or laggy or unstable...
MMORPGs, like wow, doing some hard quest taking several hours. then... at the end, NET FREEZE, YOU DIE, YOU GOTTA DO IT ALL FROM THE START.
by Hans Henrik May 02, 2011

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short for "and you?"
friend: sup?
you: nm, n u?
friend: nm.
by Hans Henrik October 30, 2010

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retarded way of writing "later"
<hans> laeder gais
<kewi> ByeHans
<shadow> cya l8r hans, thanks for hanging out
by Hans Henrik April 10, 2019

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