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The hardest street in Belmont, California. Where all the shit goes down. People only drive down Hiller to deal drugs and pick up ho's. The tv show Gangland drove down Hiller and tried to film and episode there, No one came out alive. Hiller Street is riddled with dead bodies, bullet shells and 40's. It is a known fact that everyone on Hiller is strapped.
"Hey dude did you hear what happened on Hiller the other day?"

"Naw bro what happened?"

"Like 43 people got shot."

"That doesn't even compare to last months shooting, it was 113."

"Wow they don't fuck around in Belmont"

"Naw this isn't San Carlos"

"Yea I heard San Carlos is gay as fuck."

"Yea dude real talk. All the guys from San Carlos sit down when they pee, and all the girls stand up when they pee."

by HSB'z FINEST June 12, 2009

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