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Flower child slang for having a bad trip,also used as slang by Charles Manson to describe the feeling of developing acute senses from being raised in institutions and being incarcerated most of his life.

Charles Manson - "The coyote is beautiful.He moves through the desert delicately,aware of everything,looking around.He hears every sound,smells every smell,sees everything that moves.He's in a state of total paranoia,and total paranoia is total awareness.
1st example - "Fuck! I shouldn't have eaten that 5th hit of windowpane,I'm getting the fear!"

2nd exampe - "Instead of getting the fear like the man wants you to,you turn the motherfucking shit around to the extent of making them feel like the having their fucking balls in a goddamned vice."
by Guy Williams August 6, 2006
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a huge injection of drugs that a person shouldnt have probably attempted in the first place
he didnt know the fucking stregnth of the dope,but he wanted to get off on the first shot to begin with.so he threw some coke with the least amount of water possible,drew it up and proceeded with what was going to be the master blaster of disaster of all time.he took the all time train ride where he couldnt hear a mothafucking thing except that howling train.when i walked into the room his face was ghost white and he was drooling profusely.he couldnt even speak for 5 minutes his eyes were rolling in his fucking head.
by Guy Williams July 27, 2006
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brain washed Chrispys preaching illogial shit on street corners begging for you to buy into it also.
by Guy Williams July 27, 2006
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when youre joking with someone and don't give a fuck if you know their name or not,and make it evident disrespectfully when you post
i don't give a flying fuck who the fuck you think you are sparky,that type of shit doesnt fly on audiogalaxy
by Guy Williams July 27, 2006
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