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White Anglo-Saxon Papist. Used by former WASPs who have "swum the Tiber" or "Poped," and who then notice that you don't suddenly become Italian when you do so. Some may object to this usage of WASP, but it accords completely with the fact that WASP-hood is not so much an ethnic identity as a cultural one. The late William F. Buckley, Jr., for example, was a quintessential WASP in nearly every respect. The usage also accords with the WASP delight in wordplay. Some use the term WASC, which is an equally effective acronym, but less fun and hence, less WASP.
When I became Catholic, I made all my Catholic friends nervous with my constant use of wacky nicknames and frequent cracking of verbally complex jokes, so I realized I was now a White Anglo-Saxon Papist; once a WASP, always a WASP.
by Guthlac A February 21, 2010
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Noun or verb. To facehausen is to invent insane or even impossible events at remote locations for yourself on a Facebook account in your own name on which you have also invented a fantasy profile. The aim of a facehausen may be to blow smoke over your actual activities and profile, to reward idle curiosity with absurdity, or simply to have fun and generally ass around. By extension, a facehausen is any elaborate ploy in which a patently impossible claim is made or stance is taken in sarcasm, in order to deflect a line of ad hoc interrogation--in place of rendering the woefully dull "It's none of your freaking business." Formed from "Facebook" and "Münchausen," the latter in reference to The Fantastic Adventures of Baron Münchausen, in which the Baron claims to have had many bizarre and even impossible escapades. Related to "tweethausen," a similar ploy, but more succinctly purpetrated on Twitter.
I set up a Facebook account with my name and the profile of Indiana Jones. Nobody noticed the facehausen, so I actually started wearing a fedora and leaving my office by the window instead of the door. I drew the line, however, at ransacking flea markets for crystal skulls.
by Guthlac A April 16, 2011
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To have some very burdensome nuisance you have to put up with--in a sense wider than just a drug or other addiction.
"That huge credit card payment is a real monkey on his back." "Trying to sell that white elephant must be a monkey on your back."
by Guthlac A February 09, 2010
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Before the current administration, simply the name of a cocktail, and of a completely exhausting orgasm, usually happening during an orgy. Now, by extension, 1. President Barak Hussein Obama, 2. any absurd statements made by him by members of his administration, and/or 3. the lingering effects of moral, mental and physical lassitude attendant upon these, all the result of the extended Obasm of the last two tears.
Chuck says that Harry Reid and Joe Biden just gassed the house with further moronic pronouncements, but they were just retailing O-bombs that the POTUS dropped to the press corps from Airforce One while doing a low-level flight over Manhattan for a photo-op. Helen Thomas and George Soros were all smiles and delight.
by Guthlac A July 08, 2010
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To convert to Roman Catholicism. Used chiefly by Anglo-Catholics and other English-speaking former Protestants.
Realizing that I was no longer afraid of the funny outfits and that I would just be a White Anglo-Saxon Papist, I decided to swim the Tiber.
by Guthlac A July 08, 2010
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