7 definitions by Green Giant

noun; any animal having shit substituted for brains in the region of the skull: a direct result of having ones head up ones ass
That Jim is one of the dumbest mother fuckers I know. What a fucking "shit for brains".
by Green Giant March 9, 2003
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A car in which Bungalow Bill has.
Bungalow Bill drives a rainbow Jetta with a yellow sunroof and a bumper sticker that says "I'm Gay".
by Green Giant November 20, 2002
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an expression beavers use when their dam breaks
God damn it, our god damn dam broke again...FUCK IT
by Green Giant March 9, 2003
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The way to answer a question..... meaning very cool or definitely
So what do you think that car is hot?
by Green Giant November 18, 2002
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A Ford F-350 is really fiberglass over a rusted Dodge 3500
by Green Giant November 18, 2002
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noun; the little skinny white guy that was sent to prison for ripping those "do not remove under penalty of law" tags from a mattress
homeboy: "what are you in for"
whitey: " ripping the tag off a mattress"
homeboy: "bend over you little cracker, you's my new prison bitch
by Green Giant April 5, 2003
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When something sucks. You don’t fell good/sick.
I felt like a bucket of butt today.
by Green Giant November 14, 2017
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