1 definition by Green A Gzenham

1. An acronym created by a small, isolated group with the intent of increasing the celerity of text-based communication. Such an acronym suffers from the same problems as and can include workspace jargon. Anacronyms commonly, but not always result from putting two or more of the following types of people in a chatroom: computer programmers, MMORPG players (case in point), pre-pubescent females, GI's, and/or slow typists.

The irony of such an acronym demonstrates itself because of the acronym's tendency towards the specific and arcane. Namely, an individual desensitized to the use of the acronym (not exceedingly dissimilar to the individual who no longer notices his/her own swearing) will attempt to use the acronym in a textual conversation with an individual not familiar with the group of individuals or the acronym in question. This invariably leads to a message of one or more marks of interrogative punctuation by the uninformed party. Taking the time to explain the meaning of the letter sequence, the informed party defeats the intended purpose of the acronym by possibly increasing the length of text sent by upwards of four lines.

2. A usually nonverbalized acronym which has been verbalized. This is considered a taboo in most situations. The individuals to whom the offending party has "anacronyzed" will most likely look incredulously at the offender.

3. A completely unnecessary acronym. Almost every acronym in this third definition pertains to the first definition.

4. A misused acronym.
1. The following is a textual conversation:

Friend A: So then I jumped off of the roof!

Friend B: WAYTTP?

Friend A: ?????????????

Friend B: What Are You Trying To Prove?

Friend A: Well, why didn't you just say that to begin with?

Friend B: I thought you knew that one.

Friend A: I don't play Counter Strike. Way to use an anacronym.

Friend B: Oh. Sorry.

2. The following is a nontextual conversation:

Friend A: TTYL

Friend B: *Incredulous stare for three to five seconds* Did you just use an anacronym?

Friend A: What?

3. KMAG YO-YO. Kiss My Ass Guys, You're On Your Own

Amusing, but useless.

4. The following conversation is textual:

Lover A: Do you want to go to the dance/ice cream social/moon with me?

Lover B: WTF?

Lover A: That caustic reply has caused me to mutilate myself/be emotionally scarred for life/commit suicide.

Lover B: Why did you overreact so much/decide to text me that you have killed yourself/not know that WTF means Why That sounds Fantastic?

The following is assumed:

Lover A can not come to their computer now because they are cutting their wrists/crying in a corner/dead.
by Green A Gzenham July 12, 2009