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An Irish word meaning liquid excriment. Runny poo (Diarrhoea)
i went to fucken kabab last night and this morning i had the scutters like good thing. Me ring is humming , ye know what i mean Anto man
by Grant Kirwan May 05, 2004
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a gourmet delacey from the republic of ireland.this delightful snack's ingredients are succulent minced beef ( mashed tounge and hoof cavered in batter) genty fried in oil ( deep fried in fat).this delightfull dish is best accompanyed with curry chips and often eaten al fresco.
stevo was cofidant that after a drink and a nice meal he would get lucky with sharon.
" i went round to stevo's gaff.He got a bag of cans a couple of batter burger so i gave him a ride.
by grant kirwan June 15, 2004
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Anybody from the republic of Ireland that lives outside of dublin city. They will also respond to Bog worrior, culchie or Red neck. They will probably have the first name "Dan Jo" or "Jo Jo"
They will also regard towns like Navan as " the big shmoke"
"Man there is a funny smell in this pub". "it's probably just the boggers."
by Grant kirwan May 10, 2004
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not to be confused with the sound that an ambulance make's( mee maa mee maa). Me ma is what someone of the working class areas of Dublin (NAKERS) call thier mothers.
" story bud did ye see that slut" said anto
" that was me ma!" said deco
by grant kirwan May 11, 2004
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