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A somewhat tall and overweight individual. Their surname is usually "Robert" while their last name is something along the lines of Irish or Jewish which fills their ginger-like qualities. He/it/ or they take liberty and pride in surreptitiously depositing rohypnol in the alcoholic drinks of unsuspecting females. Their living conditions are normally unsanitary and uninhabitable by regular human beings. These "Scotty's" take liberty in pursuing and taking advantage of heavily intoxicated females then lying/gloating about what the "Scotty" considers a grand accomplishment. As a recapitulaton this creature engages in illegal activities involving rape, possession, and at times pedophilia.
Tricia: "There he goes again."
Jamie: "Who?"
Tricia: "The Scotty that is following those girls"
Jamie: "Good thing we didn't drink tonight!"

Kylie: "Woah! There's grape jelly all over my leg!"
Erin: "Did you check under the seat before you used the toilet?"
Kylie: "Shit! I forgot!"
Erin: "Scotty's at it again"
by Grandestpoobah February 14, 2010
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