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another word for yay-yo, snow, blow,crack(as my friend calls me every day(See crackhead))cocomocaine!sniffsniff while you suckkers takke a whiff whiff of my seeedless weed!haha
by grand wizard September 22, 2003

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Nigger Pride. Being a proud dumbass monkey.
Jesse Jackson: Hello my fellow monkeys. The time has come to stand up for our nignity.
by Grand Wizard February 05, 2005

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oh boy.......woooo!.....another damned nigger-ass ebonics word to define....I could go on and on and on..with all these stupid nigger words...OK....this word means "waiting" to regular humans who speak any form of english whatsoever. ( and no...ebonics is definitly not included)
shiii---eeet my nigga! I bees way-in here foe longass time, dat broke-ass nigga pose-tah bring me back some cheese.
by grand wizard December 10, 2004

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any scanky-smelling pussy... usually any girl that doesnt douche or wash their crotch on a regular basis or not at all... especially when aunt flo visits town for those 3 days.....Can usually smell the stench from a distance through many layers of clothes. Usually found in poor hoods or generally any nigger girl. ( this is why niggers dont eat pussy)
"Daaaaaamm!, that bitch just about knocked me out with her rotcrotch, call me an am-bu- lance....
by grand wizard December 08, 2004

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short, to the point, business proposition made by crackhead to his dealer...meaning...2 crackrocks for 30 dollars for crackrocks that are normally 20 dollars for just one....sometimes works, but usually these damned niggers will break a 20dollar rock in half and try to pass them off as 2-20's...please nigga...
zuup dawg....gimme 2 fo 30... I gots dis stank ho way-in fer me atda crib.
by grand wizard December 10, 2004

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term of endearment meant to sublament a friendly acquaintence in order to belay his joyous accruments......Ahh, fuck this shit.....Its a dam nigger greeting usually to another nigger cause they know they will both end up in whitey's dog pound (jail) sooner than later. Also used in place of another niggers name when in company of relative strangers..in other words.. to protect a fellow crack dealer from having his real or nick-name thrown about in da streets...where vice could pick him out mo betta.
zup dawg! this is my homey..looking fo 2 fo 30.... he want da good shit...no boom dawg...this is my dawg he aint vice.
by grand wizard December 10, 2004

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