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An animal of turtle likeness and has a spiked face, like a turtle it swims in water and may possibly live on land as well. The spikes are a defense mechanism that is used to ward off any prey that may try to make them into a snack or a light meal. Mating of such a creature is rare, there may not be many left in the world but that is fine for they live for a very long time and mating only happens maybe once every 5 years. Sighting of such a creature is completely unheard of by a human being, since these creatures are smart and stay away from those who wish to observe them, and because they don't exist in the real world.
person: What is a Gajumba?

second: It is an animal of course, what else could it be?

third: Well it could be completely made up and you wondering that may mean you are on drugs or have believed the musings of the Sleep Talkin' Man, or have seen them in dreamland.
by Got Ya!! ;P February 27, 2010

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