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A upper middle class to uber-wealthy woman or young girl, a control freak as well as attention whore who's a sex addict on the down low, Society whore slutty to primaliy the rich or to any person with stand out qualitys that has gained some type of notoriety or success, Willing to play Sugar Moma for social reasons money is never a problem for a sophisti-slut, Usually a very wealthy divorced woman or A young Uber wealthy trust fund baby!
The sophisti-slut, at the party had here eye or that
Songwriting genius who's the lead singer in the hottest rock band in the mid-west band!

The sophisti-slut who's the associate partner at the firm, hired the 30ish African American Male because she needs a new sex partner in private as well as a feather in her cap in public!

The Mother and Daughter Sopisti-Sluts, Go on sex tourist trips to Jamacia to buys sex from the local studs!

The Sophist-Slut has a need for attention and danger so she's hanging out with her boy-friend or boy toy who is a total high school drop out loser, with a criminal record

in the most dangerous projects in the city romanticly creeping and getting banged fucked because the experenice is so exciting!
by Good guy tried ! November 24, 2009
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