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East Grand Rapids is the place where the students work hard and party harder. Known for smoking copious amounts of high quality marijuana, east students pride themselves on obtaining some of the best drugs west michigan has to offer. While other drugs are usually frowned upon in high school, they are welcomed at east. Many students indulge in the consumption of LSD, Cocaine, Molly, and various pharmies outside and often during school. Open campus lunch plays a factor of drug use during school as many students cruise and smoke at lunch. Cruising the land of Ada has also been a tradition for many years and maintains a ritual like status even today. However despite the heavy drug use, East still maintains its status as one of the best schools in the nation.
-Wanna cruise ada after school?
-Do we not attend east grand rapids?

Damn, those east kids are into their psychedelics, no one would ever think about touching LSD at catholic central.

East kid-
DUDE! I went to ada with this tim from forest hills and he smoked me down....with some f*cking mids! Can you believe that?! I would rather cut my d*ck off than smoke mids.

EGR Football Player-
I think our entire football team is cruising ada right now and its the night before the state finals. Eh, whatever its not like we have won the last 4 years in a row.
by Glenn Mitcham January 27, 2010
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