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It's the little things that count. Not the kisses or big things.

You know it's true love when: (these are sort-of metaphors)

He tells you so.

He'll go see Breaking Dawn with you

He holds your hand

He goes and gets your jacket for you

You wake up and he's the first thing you think about

You want him to be happy all the time

He misses you when you're not there, and you miss him.

You can't truly say how you feel about each other.

You stop looking at Jacob shirtless on the screen and start looking at his hand in yours

You'd jump if he jumped

You know if he went mad or became horribly ugly and scarred you'd still be there. And so would he.

It's wanting all of your friends to meet him because he's so great.

It's when you don't need to kiss him, just holding each other is enough

It's loving the bad things about him.

You say "I love you" but you don't feel finished.

It's when you smile when you think about him.

It's when your heart breaks when he's sad

You keep picturing your wedding dress and your kids, and when you tell yourself it's not going to happen, you can't imagine it any other way.

When you could just sit there with them, say nothing, and feel amazing.

because it's all for them.

Thanks guys if you want more just comment!
They just sat there, holding hands, her leaning against him, smiling, and not talking, but it was the most beautiful thing in the world. True Love.
by GirlThat'sTotallyInLove April 15, 2012

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