97 definitions by Gerard Irick

someone who is irresponsible and acts ignorant
Don't be a knucklehead you understand what's being said.
by Gerard Irick October 19, 2010
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someone who has a relaxed and calm demeanor
Doug is so laid-back that nothing seems to shake him.
by Gerard Irick February 22, 2010
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someone who's behavior (usually in reference to African-Americans) is obnoxious and uncivilized
People that act ghetto makes it hard for others to move ahead in life.
by Gerard Irick August 19, 2010
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It will be a drag if you have to go all the home to get your ID and we're already here.
by Gerard Irick March 23, 2010
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someone who exaggerates or emphasize their emotions
Diane is a real drama queen she can make a mountain out of a mole hill.
by Gerard Irick August 25, 2009
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