3 definitions by George Evans

A musicians term for street drugs, usually referring to canabis, LSD or magic mushrooms. When pronounced the speaker may choose to do that quotation thing with there hands.
Dude, the bands been going through a tough time writing new material you don't suppose you could set us up with some "inspiration" do ya'?
by George Evans May 15, 2008
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Underwear that has been worn, discarded and then put on again.
He knew it was a mistake to wear back ons on the day of his wedding.

By the smell of things you're wearing back ons again...
by George Evans May 31, 2008
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Music that can be moshed to, or is otherwise heavy.
'Hey man, are you a fan a Boston?'

'What the fuck, Boston suck! My music needs to be moshable!'
by George Evans June 19, 2008
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