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1. noun : A large company specialising in making cock-ups, and then blaming them on the user.

2. adj : Any entity, company or individual who makes a useful product which can only be used if you buy other, more expensive, products.

3 To Do A Microsoft - to sell a product, claiming that it is good value for money when, in actual fact by the time you buy the addons, it is more expensive than better versions that don't need the add-ons.
1 + 2:

User: I have been infected with a virus and have lost over £1,000 worth of work from my computer.

Microsoft: That's because you didn't buy a firewall, virus scanner, anti-spam and port blocker.

User: But the Microsoft box said the your product was safe.

Microsoft: Yes, but you didn't use it properly. When we ship the product it is set so that viruses can attack you - you should have spent a week securing it before using it. It wasn't our fault, it was your fault, so tough shit!

3. iTunes music has protection which means that it can only be used on iTunes software and ipods, retricting you enjoyment of the music to their products - they have Done a Microsoft!
by Geordie John February 26, 2006

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1. A person who was born in South Shields, a coastal town on the North East coast of England at the south side of the mouth of the river Tyne. Named after the long sandy beaches that South Shields has on both sides of it's pier.

2. A sub-culture of Geordie

In The Northeast of England, there are a number of towns which, collectively are called 'Geaordie' bur some have their own particular sub-cultures, such as Newcastle, Sunderland and South Shields. As far as football is concerned, South Shields is populated by half Magpies and Half Mackems.

Often shortened to 'Sandy'
If yer from Sooth Shields, yer a Sanddancer.

So, yer from Whiteleas, uh, yah must be a Sandy, then?
by Geordie John February 22, 2006

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1. Being full of bravado with no real substance.

2. boastful, without the bollocks to back up their boasts
1 He's so pissproud, but can he fight?

2. Ignore him, he's just pissproud, he can't really do anything.
by Geordie John February 23, 2006

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