1 definition by G-Teezy and Mezagersh

1. The direct opposite of a shlong.
2. A tiny wiener.
3. The male reproductive organ so small it can't even be called a penis.
4. The Muggsy Bogues of penises; the smallest of its peers.
"All the ladies that have been with him say that Justin was a let down because of his shlort."

"Uh-oh! Here comes that Boston kid with the shlort! Let's all point at him and laugh because he doesnt realize he sucks!"

"It only makes sense that since he's so teeny that he would have a shlort."

"All the girls find J-Dub's shlort cute...cute like you would find in a helpless puppy you would feel sorry for."

"A man with a shlong is hung like a horse and a man with a shlort is hung like the jockey."
by G-Teezy and Mezagersh February 27, 2008
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