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Doxx is in fact just dox which mean Document-Of-X. Where 'x' mean any person, company or anything that could be Doxable. In the practice Dox someone is, but not only gettin' her/his address, phone num, family, social networks, etc is as much as you can add data to make bigger the target/profile, and that obviously include the passwords from accounts, tastes and hobbies. For example to get someone who is under a fake identity or profile the real identity whith the home address and call swat reporting in this place is being commiting a bad crime is called -Dox'n'Swat- someone. Doxing could be an essencial part of post-explotation, reconnaissance, or even privilege scalation, among other items, in hacking.
He were trolling my youtube channel under four diferent fake profiles, so I revenge... I DOXx -ed him and I report his insults calling to his family members that I found on his facebook.
by G*G*G January 11, 2019
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