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A fat bitch's gigantic cooter, usually a big hairy mound of pubis with wide, flabby meat curtains. Cowpussy is best suited for fisting and animal husbandry, or stuffing with toys, fruit or huge cock.
That cunt I picked up hoggin last night had an enormous cowpussy - I thought it was going to swallow me whole!
by fucka john wayne September 25, 2009
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A surprise fingerbanging delivery up a slut's cunt or pooper, particularly when the bitch is passed out or asleep.
Ho Ho Ho! What's that gettin' shoved up your chimney, bitch? Damn right, it's stinkfinger santa!
by Fucka John Wayne September 02, 2009
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A jicky-jack, douchebag-type person. A fuck-around jerkoff.
That guy's such a jickman - I caught him playing pocket pool while he was ogling the waitress at Outback.
by Fucka John Wayne August 24, 2009
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Skid marks in your underpants.
My girlfriend was trying to be nice and wash my clothes, but then she made fun of the chinese laundry marks in my tighty whities and asked who taught me how to wipe my ass.
by Fucka John Wayne May 29, 2010
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