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A mustache that you get from sunburn or tanning by not using sunscreen. Happens to many people and looks oddly disturbing on females.
My sister has a Sunstache from getting sunburns at the beach. We tell her to put sunscreen on, but she wouldn't listen, and she was shit out of luck.
by Fuck you pay me fuckers July 15, 2014

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Light Skinned refers to skin color most commonly in people who live in Europe or Asia. It is NOT tanned skin because the term is associated with white. Only fucking idiots use the term light skinned as a slang to classify a person or people who have olive skin.
Tyrique: Hey, you see that look light skinned chick with the booty over there? Imma get her number.
Mark: Shithead, she's olive skinned, and stfu, you know damn well she won't talk to guys who can't read, buy fake shoes, and those butt ugly ass teeth of yours from smoking.
by Fuck you pay me fuckers October 27, 2014

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