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When she got a fat ass but the shape is suspect and has cellulite. Signs of this are being 30+ years old, thick thighs, and may be on the chubby side.
Jalen: “I heard you fucked that bitch Rachel. Was that ass as fat as it niggas say it is?”

Detric: “Yeah man that may have been the fattest ass I ever fucked before the shape was suspect though I think she got that milf butt.”
by Fuck Gay People June 5, 2020
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The roughest city in West Virginia. Despite a rapidly growing population, everybody here still overdoses on heroin in the north side Wendy’s. 90 minutes away from D.C. and Baltimore, many people from the that area go here to feed heroin addicts their daily dose of heroin. If you throw up the wrong signs, you get killed. A lot of shit goes down at Martin Luther King Park, such as shootings on the basketball court and drug deals in the gazebo. You’re like to hear about the Martinsburg High School football team, which currently has the longest winning streak in West Virginia history (40 Games) and is on path to their 3rd straight state football championship. It’s not a shithole city if you don’t live in town, but if you do, their is always a body laying in the street (Someone who overdosed). The people are either southern and back country or hood act like they’re about it. It is mostly the people that live outside of town that swear they are the hardest of the hard.
Markel: “You Heat about Kevin. He was going D1 and play quarterback but he caught a federal drug charge.”

Travis: “That’s a shame. He didn’t come from a bad family either. Typical Martinsburg”
by Fuck Gay People October 26, 2018
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A deadly disease that Boonk was diagnosed with after passing out during a No Jumper interview. He will be missed. 😔
Devon: Aye bro Boonk got diagnosed with Chokondis.

Travis: What’s Chokondis??
Devon: Chokondis dick.
by Fuck Gay People July 28, 2018
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The baseline price for pussy in America.
Damon: “I ain’t gonna lie I’d definitely give the pipe to Jada.”

Marcus: “Good thing is she out here fucking for $40 so she may just let you hit.”
by Fuck Gay People January 1, 2021
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