2 definitions by Frankie nj

A guy that is used by girls, but not for money, but as a shoulder to cry on, the boyfriend with out the benifits,

a guy who is always there for the girl but she is not always there for him
Joe is a "carebear", hes always there to hold that girl in her time of need, why dosnt she just go out with him? everyone can tell hes perfect for her and he seems like he loves her...
by Frankie nj April 17, 2007
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when a Bulimic girl turns on all the water (shower tub and sink) to cover up the sounds of her throwing up.
Mom: wow Mary really likes to clean the bathroom, to bad she dos'nt do a good job)


Mary turns on all the water to hide sounds of her throwing up (her mom is dumb enough to think shes "cleaning the bathroom")
by Frankie nj April 17, 2007
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