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A hugbox is a derogatory term for an environment, usually on the internet, in which a group with similar interests gathers to discuss topics in what they intend to be a safe, comforting, and confrontation-free environment.

What they intend to be a "safe space" almost always turns into a circle-jerk of forced consensus and ends with every member repeatedly expressing the exact same opinion to each other, no matter the topic. Since the community is founded on unconditional love and support no matter how much of a tool a person is, these communities tend to attract tools and rational and useful advice is usually a rarity.

Moderators of these groups are usually extremely militant and do not tolerate even the slightest dissenting opinion. Members of these groups are usually so hypersensitive that the moment a contrary opinion appears the entire community explodes in a total drama shitstorm.
Welcome to our community of self-diagnosed Asperger's sufferers. We have all read the wikipedia article and decided that we have Asperger's and thus have an excuse for being anti-social and thinking we're smarter than everyone else. Let's take turns talking about ourselves and how smart we are and how terrible the world is to us, and after we're done everyone else will tell us how brave we are. NO TROLLING. - average hugbox community
by Frankie Cocke January 4, 2011
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A term describing a face that has been ravaged by poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol abuse, and a general lack of hygeine. Commonly seen in low-income areas throughout the world. Major features often include "smoker's lines," beady eyes, stringy hair, and thin lips.

Sufferers are commonly seen using child support to buy cigarettes, working the checkout lane at 10 pm, and flipping out at walmart.

A step down from meth face.
Dude, ever since your girlfriend lost all her teeth, she's got total white trash face.

I know man, I don't know why I had seven kids with her.
by Frankie Cocke May 16, 2011
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