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A fictional Iranian version of Facebook. Term invented by Robin Williams. It's only use is comedic.
"I don't really use the internet. I do want to try that Iranian thing, FaceBurqa."

Robin Williams to Conan O'Brien, asked about using Twitter
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009

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This Tom Waits album is from 1976. It's his fourth, and again he has evolved just a bit. With more than half of the album about drunkenness and alcohol, Waits has deviated quite a bit in writing style. He is still quite hysterical in Step Right Up, but now there are mournfully slow songs like Bad Liver and a Broken Heart. The music itself is much more depressed, with lower notes and slower speeds on many songs, but diversely more laughable lyrics on others.
An excerpt from Small Change's-
Pasties And A G-String

Strip tease, prick tease, car keys blues
And the porno floor show, live nude girls,
Dreamy and creamy and brunette curls
Chesty morgan and watermelon rose
Raise my rent and take off all your clothes
With trench coats, magazines, a bottle full of rum,
Shes so good, to make a dead man come
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009

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A way of pronouncing Chihuahua, reserved for the Chihuahuas owned by fat people, body builders, and gay men.
"Looky there at the Chee-Who-A-Who-A and it's owner...

...I've never seen a person waddle so much like a penguin."

...I've never seen such a big guy and a small dog."

...I've never seen such a bright shirt in public before."
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009

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Every Bit Of Alice is a generic term for a man's dream woman. Beautiful, smart, tolerant, quiet, great in bed, great cook, great mother, faithful, ETC.
"What do you look for in a woman, John?"

"I want Every Bit Of Alice!"
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009

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The not so ingenious way of saying Shit and Fuck together. However, it is not considered a swear , so it is OK in public, if you put more emphasis on SHI than FUCK! It can be a Safe For Work shitplitive.
Shifuck that hurt!
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009

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Almost anything pertaining to Tom Waits is Waitsian.

1. Any music he has made, or been involved in.

2. His style in art, clothing, and conversation.

3. His very singular voice.

4. Any memorabilia, like autographs.

And so on.
My music collection is full of Waitsian CDs
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009

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Some who is future fucked or who is future fucking people up,

1. (n) Can be a kid from birth to 10 that follows current clothing, music, and television trends.

2. (v) Someone who forces all of the current trends upon their children or the children around them.

They will be idiots when they grow up, and they will have no real culture of their own.
1. Little Johnny knows all of the rappers, wears baggy jeans that show his boxers, he loves MTV, and he thinks he has bitches and homies. He's definitely Future Fucked.

2. Johnny's parents are Future Fucking him, by buying him gold chains instead of food, teaching him rap songs instead of grammar, have him watch MTV instead of Sesame Street, and letting him hang out with all the bad kids.
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009

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