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The most perfect grouping of letters in the history of human civilization. A word of unsurpassed power and grace that has been known to paralyse, mystify, awe, arouse, even amuse an audience. Various scholars believe the word derives its power from its universality, as it can be used interchangeable with any word in any language. The term "N-bomb" is often substituted for niggadick in order to mitigate the response.

The Sirens of Greek lore originally tapped into the magnificent power of these three syllables as their "niggadick" chants hypnotised unsuspecting sailors. Years later a hook-nosed slave used it to defy a pharaoh and master the sea. It has long been rumored that Jesus' missing years were spent in the Far East learning the proper enunciation and inflexion of the term. Centuries later a frog midget kept a Pronunciation Key,nig-ga-dik, which he constantly held protected inside his jacket. Nearly all significant world figures have manipulated this golden word to their own end including a Saugus man without any papers who dreamed of offering good steak at affordable prices while maintaining an affinity for plants that thrive in arid climates....

to sum up...N-I-G-G-A-D-I-C-K
Frank: Did you just say "niggadick" while wearing a bologna mask?

Frank2: Yes I did because I understand that you can defeat the imputed significance of words by making a mockery of them...or maybe saying niggadick just gives me a hard-on...I'm not sure...by the way did I tell you that you could remove your thumb from my ass?
by Frank "ND" Giuffrida March 24, 2008
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People Magazine's sexiest man alive for a record four times. Despite his overwhelming animal magnetism he maintains humility claiming: "I'm not an animal..." His universal sexual appeal makes women swoon and turns even the most macho men into fairy poofs like Tom Cruise, Sean Connery, Malcolm X, Jerry Falwell, Bear Grylls, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Rosie O'Donnell, and the offensive line of the New England Patriots. The Real Doll company is allegedly planning to release a John Merrick doll complete with hood; it is safe to say that it will supplant "Charlie" as the best seller.
Ben: Hey Tom, with that three pounds of deli meat covering your body you kinda resemble John Merrick...
Tom: Really...that's unreal...I gotta go find a mirror to masturbate to while making sucking noises.
by Frank "ND" Giuffrida March 25, 2008
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